Advance in stakes faster and easier with Spin & Go learning paths

We reveal another feature available only in Smart Spin Team: learning paths!

Being a Smart Spin member comes with many benefits, but the most important of them all is that you get the full strategy which will help you beat Spin & Go's.

But the other thing is how to use this strategy effectively. With so many years in the business, we've seen many poker sites failing to give their players the full path they should follow to make money at poker.

Sometimes it's really confusing, we know that! Smart Spin's got over 700 strategy videos already and the big question for many of you may be: which one to watch?



This is where Learning Paths come in handy!

We've been successfully implementing many advanced projects into our team, but this time we are going to only tell you a little about one of them, divided into two parts for now while we are working on more complex learning plans for higher stakes.

First one is aimed to give $0.25-$3 Spin & Go's players an overall view on what they should do to get out of the lowest stakes. It's called "First Steps" for good reason.

In this fundamental series, our players learn:

  • How to take notes from strategy materials,
  • How to read charts and play preflop,
  • How to behave postflop against lowest level players,
  • How to approach Spin & Go's and build mindset fundamentals,
  • How to change preflop game against different opponents,
  • Which tools to use in their learning process,
  • And how to work with everything that Smart Spin's got to offer at their stake levels!

However, one of the best things about this program is that we tell you how much you should work on your strategy and how much you should grind in-between learning. You've got a clear path to $7 Spin & Go's.

Essentially, we are here with you every step of the way. You know what you should do at any given moment, whether it is learning new things or grinding. Having over two years of experience, we know what gives you the best results and how you can quickly move up higher, with great cEV!

Getting 100+ cEV at these stakes is definitely not an issue!



Time to take one step further!

When you reach $7 Spin & Go's, we are introducing you to our second guide called "Next Steps".

This one focuses on more detailed and advanced strategy, taking a lot of things from one of the greatest Spin & Go's video series "Crushfest". Created by bakudranski and FCD, it teaches you how to take a full advantage of recreational players... and we really mean full!

To give you a clearer picture on why this is one of the most important video series ever created for Spin & Go's, we need to give you an example of kurzatvvarz. A former heads-up player who'd been struggling to make a living at $30's and $60's, he joined our team and told us that he got this knowledge on the silver plate, but he surely did not expect his cEV to improve so much.

Now, he is one of the biggest stars at the $100 Spin & Go's and other regulars are rightfully afraid of him!


"Next Steps" will show you:

  • How to play at the three most important positions: HU SB, HU BB and 3way BTN,
  • How to learn effectively,
  • How to manage your time on our forum and coachings/videos,
  • How to take more from stat values in your HUD,
  • And in the Crushfest itself:
    • Which sizings to use against recreational players on all streets,
    • How to value bet them,
    • When to bluff catch,
    • Which cards to barrel,
    • How to behave with your range on different boards,
    • How to play draws,
    • Which boards have the highest fold equity and which has got the lowest,
    • ... and much more!

Again, we tell you how much you should learn every day and how to put this knowledge into practice. You will receive specific instructions on your daily routine till the moment you get to $15 Spin & Go's. 

Getting 100 cEV may be a little more difficult here, but still possible. One of the most recent examples is PreflopdatoR who got promoted to $15 Spin & Go's after achieving 99 cEV/game in just 1,800 tournaments. Not easy, but definitely attainable!



What's in the future?

We are already working on new Learning Paths which will be available to higher stakes.

They will focus more on playing against regular opponents, how to spot them, react to them and always be one step ahead.

That's also one of the reasons why we introduced charts against regs at $15 Spin & Go's. Of course, playing with these charts may not be (or just may be) enough to get to $30's, but it's definitely a good first step.

For now, we point our members to different tools and coaches they may work with, they are definitely not left out alone! However, in the future getting to $30 Spin & Go's may be even faster and easier.


If you'd like to be a part of this future, don't wait and join Smart Spin today!


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