What makes you a real professional poker player?

Read about the qualities that build your successful career.

Choosing a career is hard because we all think it should last a lifetime. In reality, the focus should be on what you can do really well and what you like to do. Being a poker player is a very serious job and you should have some great qualities in order to launch yourself into this impressive journey. Once you sit at a poker table, you are on the rollercoaster! Are you up for it? 


What do you need to be on this journey?

Distributive attention - You either have it or you will build it here. At first, it is better to play just one table at a time but after a while, multi-tabling will be your thing, for sure. And at the beginning maybe you can stumble a little, but later you will need to know what your strategy is, what is your opponent's next move, and so on. 


Calmness - This is a natural skill or a learned one. When you sit at the poker table and your opponents will use all the time he has in every hand, you will learn to be calmer than ever. 

Mathematical skills - Either you have it or you don't. If you like maths, calculus and probabilities, then come on board and win some dollars in this great world of professional poker.

Memorizing skills - A poker game is like a story where you and your opponents are the main characters. If you want to beat them, you need to remember what they did from the first hand to their last. Of course, you need to remember what you did three hands before too.  


Resilience - Yes, this is not a 9 to 5 job. The truth is that this is a 24/7 job. Being a professional poker player is a lifestyle. Taking care of your mind and body is a permanent activity for anyone who wants to be successful. 

A strong attitude - You are now on a sand-moving foundation. If you want to remain on your feet, you need to constantly move and improve. Studying and playing go hand in hand. Once you've played too much, you start studying and vice-versa. 


A lover of discipline -  Nobody likes discipline, really! Let's put our cards on the table and admit it. However, we all love what discipline does to a professional poker player. It helps us get our mind and body prepared for the game and for winning. 


A free spirit - You like to travel, to make your own schedule, to dream with your eyes open about anything. You don't want to be part of the crowd. And most of all, you are also a lover of alone time when you think about nothing and do nothing, just because you can. 


A bit crazy - Starting a journey like this is not easy and some would say it is too dangerous to do it. Not you though, these thoughts have never crossed your mind. You saw a road and you stepped on it going straight ahead. And this is what a professional poker player does.


A drive for adrenaline and adventure - Even if this job requires a desk and sitting for hours, the emotions you are going through while playing are complex and intense. You are all in with your body and mind and you love it!


A desire for fame & money - Last but not the least. You want fame! You want money! And this is what gets you out of the bed every day. 


Of course, you also need to be creative, inventive, passionate about the game, curious to learn all that is and the list can go on and on. There is no exhaustive definition of a poker player because we are humans and we are all different.

If you think you have what it take to be a pro, join our poker school and start this journey the proper way!


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