What's EV? How to play at $100's? How to use new HUD and Smart Coach?

So many questions! Thankfully, we've got a man who can handle them all - check out 4 new fi_sh_ark_84's videos!

Our $100 Spin & Go's player, and at the same time a Smart Spin's coach, fi_sh_ark_84 has been really busy this week!

He recorded four interesting videos which explain a lot of different topics. We greatly appreciate his work as we found these videos really helpful.

Check them out!


What's EV in poker?

Many people ask us how expected value is being calculated in poker. Since we operate mostly in EV terms, because it's a true interpretation of someone's skill, it is the most important for you to know where it comes from. Making a profitable decision revolves about taking an action with positive value and that's why this video should be a "must watch" on your list this weekend!



How to play at $100 Spin & Go's?

fi_sh_ark_84 records his session at the highest Spin & Go's stakes and sits down to analyse his action. It's a piece of a really solid play. Additionally, our coach shows you how he manages the time between taking decisions and how he approaches different opponents. Implement both into your game and you will definitely see some improvement!



How to use new HUD?

We are the proud parents of our new HUD and we can tell that some stats and its capabilities can be confusing at times. Don't worry, we all need some time to get used to it and realise its full potential. fi_sh_ark_84 takes some of new HUD's features on a test drive and shows you the magic of correctly using it at the tables. It's such a boost to your game, don't miss it!



How to use Smart Coach?

Smart Coach is our revolutionary tool, a 24/7 private coach. fi_sh_ark_84 is no redneck though and he won't yell "They took our jobs!" Instead, he will encourage you to regularly work with Smart Coach, show you how to use it and analyse hands in it. A great material if you are either not convinced by our software yet or you just want to take as much as you can from this tool:




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