What was the most important moment of poker?

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It's been over 17 years since PokerStars was launched and over 15 since the biggest ever poker boom.

We saw pros battling billionaires, million-dollar hands on TV, online nosebleed games, new innovative formats and many more!

We can't include all the stories into the mix, so we picked the most important ones. We came a long way to get to this point, and it's often easy to forget how difficult this road has been.

Poker history is full of heroes and villains. Who is who, sometimes we will never know. It's like a good book that you want to keep on reading because it's a fantastic journey that keeps you on your toes every time you hear the word "poker".

But what would be the main story of this book? You tell us! Pick the most important moment that has happened in the poker world and that would be the best suited for a poker book:

Tell us if you'd like to hear more of those stories - because we have many to tell!


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03/12/2018 10:56:36

Sure, but it could still be either within the story of PokerStars' launch or Black Friday :P I didn't want to get too detailed about those events

lnsert Coin

02/12/2018 21:18:18

biggest moment in poker was when pokerstars buy full tilt and gave ma and all other full tilt players their bankroll back

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