Where do you spend the New Year's Eve?

Here are some suggestions for you!

On the last day of the year, you should definitely do exactly what you feel!

At a party or in nature, there are so many options and some of you already planned this night with very precise details! 

The most important thing is to feel good, relaxed, at ease, surrounded by the people that are dear to us.


Where do you choose to be?


in a club 

It's that time of the year when you and your friends go to a club, have a space for yourselves and enjoy the night with long drinks and shots and loud music. You dance, you laugh and you have a good time! Socializing is what you are looking for and this is the perfect way to experience it.




at the poker tables

You want to take advantage of this night. You think this is the best night for playing and winning. Everyone will relax, you think, and the ones sitting at the tables will be only recreational players. And you are ready to crush them all. Good luck and don't forget to make a wish when the clock stikes 00:00!




with your family

In a traditional way, you can choose the family time, playing backgammon with relatives, give a toast during a fancy dinner and play with the little cousins. This is something that you don't get very often during the year and it will totally worth it to enjoy it and to be fully present during all the conversations about the food, the weather and about what everyone has been doing during 2018. 



in a meditation retreat

Meditation is a very well known practice in Smart Spin. We fully embraced it and this could be a great time to go deeper into your practice. If silence is what you are looking for, then this is a very good choice for you. Take your time, feel the silence and go ahead with this need of yours. Enjoy the silence during the last night of the year!




on a top of a mountain

To see the world from above, to detach from everything, to think about your life and your future, or just to enjoy the nice cold air, you can choose the mountains. You can gather a few friends, take some board games or just some big bags filled with pure joy and go ahead with this plan. Take long breaths and enjoy the beautiful atmosphere you are in! 




Enjoy this night, no matter where you are!


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