Who is the best poker player?

A difficult question which we are going to answer today!

This is it! Today we are going to answer the most important question of them all. The generations of poker players tried to figure out who is the best poker player and we are going to do it today.

Or... maybe not?

The thing is that this is a complex issue and we can't answer with one name. We could probably do the list of top 100 poker players of all time, but even this will be controversial. We can already hear raging voices. "Why is Doyle Brunson number 56 when Di Dang is number 55?!" "Daniel Negreanu in the 9th place? Are you kidding me?" "You need to upgrade Justin Bonomo after his recent High Roller wins. He definitely deserves the 16th spot!" And so on, and so on...

So, instead, we decided to list some of the biggest names in the game. You will learn who is the best heads-up poker player, you will find out about top poker players net worth, who won the most money on Spin & Go and who earned the most money on poker.



Who is the best HU poker player?

They say that playing heads-up is the purest form of rivalry. There is only you and your opponent. Who will come out victorious is often a sign of who is a better poker player.

Learning how to play heads-up poker is also not an easy task. With ranges being so wide, you need a special kind of skill to understand what your opponent is thinking and what story he wants to tell you.

That's why we can't pick just one player who will be at the top - because there are many contestants!


Doug Polk a.k.a. 'WCGRider'

Who is the best poker player in the world right now? Doug Polk surely belongs at the top. After having battled many huge names heads-up online, he moved to live poker and won millions both at cash game tables and at multi-table tournaments.

He earned three WSOP bracelets, but the most important win happened to him in 2017 when Doug Polk won High Roller for One Drop and scored $3,686,865!

Ten million dollars in tournament winnings is an impressive number, but he's got huge winnings online as well! Doug Polk won almost $600,000 on PokerStars and $1,600,000 on Full Tilt Poker.

He definitely belongs to the list of the top HU poker players.


Daniel Cates a.k.a 'jungleman12' / 'w00ki3z.'

Daniel Cates is a controversial figure who is always in the centre of attention, whether it was an accusation of angle-shooting, being scammed out of almost $2M or hiring a hitman for the man that owned him money.

He's been playing poker for many years and was one of the famous players of the "new generation". Daniel Cates' poker career was covered in The New York Times in 2011 and he helped our community a lot by talking about how poker is a game of skill.

Online, Daniel Cates earned over $12M, but he is also a live regular who has been rumoured to play all around the world. He is not shy of a challenge as he accepted a $1M battle against Tom Dwan (known online as 'durrrr') which he is winning at this moment (he may not see the end of it though because Tom Dwan refuses to continue the challenge).

We can easily say that Daniel Cates is one of the top poker players in the world. One of the many arguments for this is that during his climb up the stakes, he was using the strategy known as "reverse bumhunting". He played against the toughest guys on each limit and that was a tremendous help for his poker improvement.


Daniel Colman a.k.a. 'mrGR33N13'

Daniel Colman was a well-known figure in online heads-up Sit & Go world before he became known as "Daniel Colman - a One Drop winner".

He was one of the most fierce players at $1,000 HU HT's, and later became one of the biggest winners at MTT's.

His full earnings online are not known. However, in 2013 he had a record-breaking year and earned over $1M by playing HU HTs! It took him only nine months, so you can understand how rich he could have become from these games.

His live earnings are also something incredible. To this day, Daniel Colman won $29M in live MTTs and he was mostly known for his sad face after winning $15M in the One Drop tournament in 2014. He's also got five 7-digit wins and twenty-three 6-digit wins. Wow!

Can he be a person who won the most money on poker? We are not sure, but it's quite possible that he is in the top ten!

Olivier Busquet a.k.a. 'Adonis112'

Olivier Busquet is a friend of Daniel Colman, but also a tremendous poker player.

A former trader, he started his poker career but busting his bankroll several times. But finally, something clicked and he became one of the best heads-up SnG players in the world.

His total earnings from this format alone are nearing $2M and he achieved this amazing score before other players were anywhere near 6-digit lifetime winnings.

He earned additional $8M in live tournaments and the biggest win was the first place in EPT Super High Roller in Barcelona where he scored $1,188,996.

His analytical skills were amazing and he was a quite frequent member of 'Poker After Dark' show. There, people thought he was nitty, but that's definitely not true for a guy who's got one of the best HU skills in the world!

 Phil Ivey

Although we mentioned a lot of internet names who have been on the front pages of online magazines in the latest years, we can't forget about the amazing Phil Ivey who is the richest poker player in the world, by some estimations.

If you ask who is the best poker player of all time, many people will point to Ivey. He was working with such players as Daniel Negreanu and Allen Cunningham while moving up the stakes in live games. His steady look and an unbelievable understanding of the game made him a legend, although lately, he is more known for his controversial fight against UK's casino.

Nevertheless, he is an amazing poker player and we can't miss his name here. Phil Ivey has earned tens of millions of dollars on poker (if not hundreds) during his time here and he was present at the biggest games both live and online.

Right now, he also holds ten WSOP bracelets and is still looking for the number eleven.

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Who won the most money at Spin & Go's? Who is the best poker player in the world of Spin & Go's?

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