What is $EV and why does it matter so much?

Learn the basics of poker and you will crush your opponents with style.

The poker world can be a complicated one when it comes to the vocabulary used by the professional players. However, this vocabulary is crucial for understanding and learning the game. And if you want to be a professional player you should start talking like one.


Let’s talk about EV

What is EV? By definition, expected value (EV) stands for the average outcome of a given situation when the situation depends on an uncertain event. In poker, expected value's uncertain event can be the cards and the decisions that your opponent makes.

♣ The concept of EV helps you understand poker in the long-term which is indicated to do. Any short-term analysis doesn’t have all the probabilities that poker involves and this is why we calculate everything in the long term.

♣ Every decision that you make can be a +EV or a -EV move which means that in the long term it will bring you more money, or it will make you lose more.

♣ Since poker is based on mathematics, the EV is the calculation that will show you if you are a good player or a bad player.

♣ We aim for positive expected value in poker.


How to play plus EV poker?

Learn the Charts. Learn how to make correct moves during the games. Study the charts we prepared for you and use this knowledge during your playing sessions. In time, you will see that our charts will make you achieve a higher EV since this is the most profitable strategy against unknown opponents. There is no better way to start building a gameplan than this and making positive expected value decisions in poker.


Educate yourself while you study your opponents. Knowing the kind of moves you can do in a particular situation can help you anticipate some of your opponents moves. This way you can reveal a bluff or you can calculate what cards your opponent has in his hands. This helps you play equity poker.


Educate yourself to make fast and good decisions. In poker, as in life, you should not focus on winning every hand but to make the move that will bring you the biggest profit in the long term. In time, you will be able to see how much of a risk a hand can bring and if it is worth it or not to take it, in the long term. That will be your own no-limit Hold'em EV chart.

Learn more about EV:


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