"You should build a belief that says: I want to develop my whole life"

Behind the scenes with our mindset coach: whys0serious.


The path of success usually implies hard work, late nights studying, tiredness and almost always, struggle with the limits one sets for himself, including the inner struggles. It seems only natural to have it easier when you show up with commitment, vision, passion and most of all, curiosity. We are talking about whys0serious, our psychologist, your mindset coach.

„Do what you love and you will not have to work a day in your life” said Confucius and some way or another it seems that whys0serious managed to achieve this.

We are glad that he agreed to an interview with us because now you can have a peek into our psychologist’s mind.


adaeg: Hello, whys0serious and thank you for agreeing to this interview. Please tell me a few things about yourself. I am sure that our readers are eager to know you better. What qualifies you for the mindset coaching in the poker world? How did you get to this point of your life to be expert in matters of the mind?

whys0serious: I think that my journey with psychology started at the age of 15-16. I was fascinated about the human mind so I started to read almost everything from the "self-development" bookshelf. Of course at the beginning I wasn't critical at all, so there was also a lot of pseudo-psychology stuff. In high-school I decided that instead of being an IT specialist I will become a psychologist. It was also the time when I started playing poker. I was 17 when my good friend introduced me to the poker world and that was the point when my journey began. For the next 5-6 years poker was my source of income. I was semi-pro, this means that poker was my second source of income for 80% of my time. I always had many ideas, interests, businesses which I could not abandon. During my poker career I started to write a blog about mindset and combine my two main interests - poker & psychology. Then my first video came and I was officially appointed mindset trainer. Last year I graduated university becoming a master of psychology and I'm still learning in order to become a psychotherapist. I worked for over a year as an Edu-tech specialist (Education&Technology) in one of the largest companies in Poland that deals with psychology and human-resources training.


adaeg: What is mindset in a few words from your point of view?

whys0serious: A set of skills, competencies, traits, but also a way of thinking that helps in achieving goals, being effective and truly happy. 


adaeg: Are there any particular stages in building a strong mindset?

whys0serious: There are some "foundations" that affect other areas of mindset such as appropriate attitude, the basic beliefs about the world, about oneself and learning. If you are not curious about the world, if you do not believe that you can learn everything - this is something you should work on first. And I'm not talking about the blind "I can do anything". We need to know ourselves, our limitations but at the same time improve to the limits of our capabilities. This is a great source of motivation and fuel for further work. The belief that sounds: "I want to develop my whole life". 


adaeg: Psychologists talk about the observer state of mind. What is your opinion on that and how can this help the players?

whys0serious: It's related to a very popular topic these days - mindfulness. Two of the biggest problems nowadays are burnout and depression. We work a lot and often alone. To cope with this, people are beginning to practice the so-called "slow-life". Observer state of mind is a perspective that allows you to take a moment away from the high tempo, emotions, problems and look at it out of the box. Regular practice of such an attitude allows you to develop the "steel" mindset. I often recommend the practice of meditation - a technique which naturally gives us a greater distance to what is happening around us. Also, it increases self-awareness. For a poker player this is an invaluable skill especially when playing and dealing with tilt.


adaeg: You will also host webinars. Can you share with us some of the topics that you will talk about in the next month?

whys0serious: There will be a lot about the right attitude, motivation, self-esteem, confidence. Then we will go to time management and effective work topics.

I am happy to have close contact with the members of the community through webinars and private consultations as they will also have an impact on the topics discussed. I always try to explore needs and decide what is important at a given moment.


He works hard. He is passionate. And he thinks about the player's needs. We couldn't ask for more!

Thank you, whys0serious! We are looking forward to your next webinar.



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