whys0serious is back! Watch his newest video about meditation!

Improve your mind and body with our psychologist.

Meditation has a number of benefits which we've already listed in many previous articles.

whys0serious is a big fan of meditation and he recommends to do it every day. This is what he has to say about the subject:

Meditation for a long time was associated with many people with mysticism and Far Eastern practices. Now it is mainly seen as a secular practice of mastering the mind. Many studies have shown that regular meditation practice brings many benefits: it improves our well-being, improves cognitive functions and allows us to effectively deal with stress and emotions.

Why should poker players meditate? Mainly because many aspects of the game require a calm and relaxed mind that can quickly make decisions based on facts, not emotional impulses. There is no simpler tool that is both free and for use at any time other than meditation. In the face of so many positive reports from scientific research, it would be a big mistake to ignore this wonderful and beneficial habit.

Just 10-20 minutes daily is enough to observe long-term effects. I strongly encourage poker players to join the discord group on which, in addition to links and materials, you will be able to participate in challenges and build self-discipline to take care of your mindset.

I encourage you to familiarize yourself with my latest production, which presents the benefits and basic types of techniques distinguished in scientific research.

Do you want to learn more about meditation? Check out the newest video from whys0serious:




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