whys0serious is showing you the power of relaxation and breath!

The third module is published!

What seems very natural and simple is actually complex and needs training. We are talking about relaxation and breathing. 

Laying in our bed after a long day of work is not a real relaxation technique, although we think it is. Inhaling deeply and exhaling with a sigh is not enough for our mind to unwind from what is troubling it. These two behaviors are just signs, clear signs, that we need to pay more attention. Because of the stressful society and the stressful work that we do, relaxation and breathing need a little more awareness from us, in order to be effective tools for our body and mind.

You will find more information on how to do this in the third module of the Anger Management mindset course.

Listen carefully and then follow the links in the comments section. They will lead you to even more useful information on this matter!


Relax and breathe




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