Presenting the Partners: Wolle83

"The ultimate goal is balance on and off the tables."


We talked with Wolle83 to see what he has been up to lately and what we've got is an interesting and captivating interview. For those who does not know him yet. How much time do you have? 

He earned many titles while playing MTTs and was one of the fastest players to reach the highest stakes of Spin & Go’s. Fast as in moving from $15 to $100 Spin & Go’s in only three months! He won SCOOP, MicroMillions and Sunday Kickoff title and since playing Spin & Go's he got to SmartNova Elite with 600 EV buy-ins in 3 months! Right now, he is a partner at Smart Spin, a coach and a member of the $100 group. 

We present you an amazing man and a brilliant player, sir Wolle83


adaeg: Hello. It’s been a while since your last interview and we thought you will have some great information to share for our members. So, how are you? How was this year for you so far?

Wolle83: I'm great. This year was very good so far. I did quite alright on the tables and I am very happy about new challenges and duties as a Smart Spin partner. Thanks again to all of our founders for offering me this great opportunity!


adaeg: Well, on their behalf, you’re welcome! I am sure they are very happy to have you in the team.  And since you mentioned it, would you be kind and tell me the story of you becoming a Partner at Smart Spin. Did you reach for this position or it just so happened you became good enough for it?

Wolle83: Well, I like to believe it was a mixture of both. I had a very good development since joining Smart Spin and the founders monitor every player closely, the ones that deliver the best results (either as players or coaches) will be seen and offered further co-operation just like in every business. So, to some extent I probably "earned" this position. On the other hand I was quite dedicated and when the founders shared their idea to offer partnerships to people who have impact on our community, I clearly communicated my ambition to achieve this position and declared my willingness to give even more to Smart Spin than being a coach and player.


adaeg: And here you are a proud partner in this amazing journey. And you are involved in many projects too. About the Stuck No More project. How did you come up with this idea? Do coaches get stuck too?

Wolle83: The Stuck project was initiated by our founder bakudranski. He and his "right hand" ciachooooo came up with an idea about helping players who struggle to improve or deliver worse results than they used to. Both of them are very busy with a lot of projects and I was looking for something to add to our community so I took on this idea from that point. The second part of your question has to be answered with a clear yes. Everybody can face stagnation or at least the impression of it at some points of their career or personal life, Strategy, mindset, financial downswing, there are many factors that lead a player, coach or sportsperson to being stuck and we try to attack them all at Smart Spin.

Explaining what shoes are to CuAt69UsdSng.

adaeg: People are really looking up to you, sir! :D Especially since you become a Partner but I am sure this was the case even before that. They look at you as one of the leaders. What defines a great leader in your opinion?  What challenges does it bring to the table? 

Wolle83: The definition of a great leader can be very flexible in my opinion. I think a great leadership consists of all the qualities. The great thing about becoming a partner is that you don't have to work on fields you aren't great at because another member of the crew will cover it. There are a lot of clever, creative and hardworking people involved in the project and as a part of this construction you can easily be a great leader for the areas you are best at. What everybody needs is a will to improve the project and a certain work ethic, like in every part of the society. And only the hard workers earn rewards and will be recognized as people that can add something to Smart Spin.


adaeg:  I took a peak on the forum. Your posts on the blog include some powerful concepts like: performance, lessons learnt, commitment, perseverance and self-trust. What I really want to know and I think everyone will find interesting is: how did Wolle83 changed over the years while playing poker for a living? 

Wolle83: That's an interesting question which I didn't ask myself before. Poker was an exciting ride so far and I was lucky enough to benefit from it not only financially. I met a lot of interesting people, I moved to a foreign country in order to play professionally, I became a coach and finally a partner. For sure all the experiences and influences of the last 4 years broadened my horizon. I grew and still have to grow into the responsibility of challenges aside from the poker table while improving constantly and playing on the highest levels. All in all I like to think poker offers me a lot of experiences I wouldn't have had without it. I'm very grateful for that and despite the fact that I worked hard to get where I am, I still feel lucky to be in this position right now.


adaeg: Do you have still have plans writing on the blog? Your fans are waiting for you! 

Wolle83: Thanks for the ass-kicking. I still struggle with keeping a blog running and sharing my thoughts regularly but I will improve this from today and let you know once I continue the blog (smiles).

Having a relaxing time at the last Live Community Event organized by Smart Spin.

adaeg:  What are your plans for the future regarding poker and life? 

Wolle83: For poker - I clearly want to get as much out of it as I can, I don't see it as a cow I need to get milk from as much as possible though. What I mean is obviously connected to monetary benefits, but also with personal growth and experience inside a huge group, especially the experiences I have had while cooperating with the founders, partners and coaches, judges, editors and everybody else involved in Smart Spin. I gained qualities or started using them for the benefit of our poker school and learnt from the challenges that come with organizing a school of +700 people.

For my personal life - I believe in steady growth. I am far from where I want to be as a person and I accept this in order to make steady, small steps towards being a better human being (or poker player, coach, in Smart Spin terms). The ultimate goal is balance on and off the tables.


adaeg:  You sound like a Superman. You do a ton of things, your mind seems to be in the right position, you are successful, you are happy. Do you eat the same way like normal people do? Coffee or tea, sports, meditation, relationship, family, pets or not, vegan or not - tell me a little bit of everything.

Wolle83: You should ask this question to our real superman, CuAt69UsdSng, the vegan working machine. I have to take some things into consideration food wise because of some allergy so I try to eat healthy most of the time, I don't drink and I try to get enough sleep. I think a healthy lifestyle is based on the general idea of healthy eating and active living (I climb, play football, basketball and ride the bike as often as possible). Sitting in front of a computer for many hours is bad for your posture so I’ve always invested into my workspace and never regretted a single $ spent on chairs, electrically adjustable desks, screens, keyboards, mice and whatever could make sitting in front of that PC more comfortable.

Also I live together with three very smart people and I have a lot of great talks with them. All of them play poker at a very high level and this common interest and lifestyle helps us understand each other. I have a super smart girlfriend who is very understanding and open minded towards poker and life in general. She is a great advisor at times and for sure a part of the balance I was talking about earlier as well.


adaeg: It has been a pleasure talking to you. Thank you again for your time and for opening the door of your life to us. 


It is always a pleasure to talk with our players. It is our way to stay in touch with them and also to sustain this beautiful community. Reading about one another keeps members stay connected so they feel they are part of something big. And this interview is a treasure for this community. Dear, Wolle83, we are proud to have you here as our coach, as our partner and as our friend, as well! 'Till next time, good luck with everything!



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Great interview


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Wolleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D


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nice interview (and caption under first photo) !

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