Wolverines: the top team after Round 5!

Check out their results and what their leader Beldarion got to say.

We are happy to present the only Smart League team with the full score!

In five rounds they defeated five different teams and became the number one team in our table. Not only that, they also achieved the highest $EV result and that is despite the fact that they have only one player in the TOP 10 standings of Top Scorer. And he is placed at the bottom of this list.

So, who are Wolverines? We can say it's a group of highly motivated poker players who are solid enough to reach for the top prize:



Their captain, Beldarion, says it's only the matter of playing against weaker teams, but this may not be the case. Wolverines are the only team who (as I am writing this article) already moved through the $50,000 mark. At this moment, six Smart League teams achieved only half of their result.

Learn more about Wolverines from our little talk with Beldarion:


Smart Spin: Congratulations on the first place in Smart League after five rounds! How do you feel about this achievement as a captain of Wolverines?

Beldarion: Thank you very much. I am really proud of my Team, especially considering that I didn´t have much of an impact to this because my own results have been really bad and my overall $EV is at 3rd place in my Team.


Smart Spin: Tell me about your players. How difficult is it to motivate them?

Beldarion: The team is great! I am very satisfied with every single position. However, our Pluses and Starters are probably the strongest part of our Team with Jaworski93, Alex-RSN, bdamijonas, KnownUsBro and Gruszka 88.

I don´t need to motivate them at all. They really want to crush this competition as much as me and everyone is helping each other to get better.

Also big shoutout to KnownUsBro who is helping me a lot with the coordination etc... What I mean by helping is that he is basicly making the whole job. So i just have the title and not making anything special as a captain, we are just a great team as a whole.


Smart Spin: Do you think you will be able to hold the perfect record? Which team may give you the most trouble in the next matches?

Beldarion: I think it will be very hard. Some rounds are shorter and there is quite a bit of variance involved. Also when you take a look at the league, we had mostly matches vs the "weaker" teams in the competition (if something like this exists). And you can see that a team like Lucky Limpers can also easily lose a match (or luckily tie).

I think every team can give us a lot of trouble. So we will give our best in every single match because if not, we can loose to everyone.


We hope to see more exciting matches from you, guys - good luck!



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