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Get our themes for PokerStars and PokerTracker 4!

Today we decided to share with you our themes for both PokerStars and PokerTracker 4!

They are great for Spin & Go's games because they've got an additional space for your HUD. We moved your opponents to the top of the screen, so it's easier to set up your HUD in a convenient way and recognise how many opponents you still have left in your game.


How to install them?

It's easy! Get an account on our site and visit our Open Forum to find all information about installation process and the zip folder with all files.

Registering is really easy, now you can do it by Facebook or Google+!

Your account can also be used to reach other Spin & Go players, read their blogs and get closer to our community.


Get Smart Spin Themes!


Note: we are manually approving every account, so don't worry if you need to wait a minute or two for it to happen. We will definitely do it!


And here you can see some screens of our themes:


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