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This time the question is:

HU BB sizing on the river after probe and bricking with a draw?


We have a tournament against a reg at this stake. Our member vherreral posted this question and our coach Darkornot presents his opinions on the matter. 

In a very clear manner, vherreral shares his thoughts:

vherreral: OTF what do you think of xr t80-90 and continuing on non-spades 9, 

OTT I went for the more std route, is it too spazzy to go for 1.5ps sizing? If not, maybe check hoping he xb again as del doesn't seem that high?

OTR as played, already knew I was barreling on J, T 9, with below 1/2pot bet, is that ok? so good cards to barrel and good sizing indeed? or spot to give up?


It's an interesting hand and Darkornot stated his opinion and approach to this situation:

Darkornot: OTF I don't mind the idea but then I would also continue on ♠. Simply because of this structure, I would assume that 2over+♠ or ♠+GS would reraise a lot vs your x/raise so ♠ /OTT doesn't look too bad. 

(Also considering his strategy overall which sounds so far to bet polarized OTF due to the 64% cbet, low delay & high barrel, low FvPr & barrel I would even ...


See the rest of Darkornot's message here and the replays that follow


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