Your cEV is not good enough to join Smart Spin?

We decided to help you a little and made three compilations of iJustGamble's plays at $1, $3 and $7 Spin & Go's!

Not every application will make it to the very end of our recruitment process.

Smart Spin works relentlessly on giving you the best strategy to beat Spin & Go's and we'd like to be joined with players who also take it seriously.

First step of "taking it seriously" is making a good volume to show us your devotion to those games and we really don't ask for much - every serious poker players should be able to show us his results from the 1,000-game period.

But volume is not everything! We are more interested in the quality...


cEV not good enough? Watch iJustGamble's productions!

We'd like to help all those micro stakes players who want to join Smart Spin, but they can't get the satisfying chipEV results.

Our founder iJustGamble, a great heads-up player and a former $1,000 reg, has prepared three nice strategy videos from his streams.

He wanted to show you how to play at different stakes levels, focusing on micro and low buy-in Spin & Go's.

You can take a lot out of these videos and finally improve your results at Spin & Go's. Watch it closely because you've got here almost 6 hours of fantastic strategy material!

Just register at (it's free!) to watch these three videos. Enjoy:


How to crush $1 Spin & Go's


How to crush $3 Spin & Go's


How to crush $7 Spin & Go's



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Interviews with founders: iJustGamble



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