Zuber85: "I wanted to learn from the best"

He started at $7's and now he is playing at $100 Spin & Go's!

Today, I've got a pleasure to introduce another Diamond member at Smart Spin.

This time it's Zuber85. You may remember him from the last week interview - he was sitting at the final table of Sunday Million with our other member Beldarion.

But he's got many other accomplishments! He was there when live MTT just started to get popular, and he was taking part in that boom. Yet, he is still claiming that was not a big deal.

Read more about him and his journey through the stakes of Spin & Go:


Smart Spin: Hello, Zuber85, thank you for agreeing on this interview. You are a pretty unique person in Smart Spin, one of the three players who made their way from $7 to $100 Spin & Go’s with Smart Spin. But before we go into that, I’d like to talk about your poker past, because it’s highly interesting. Your biggest successes came at MTT’s, did you start your poker journey from them?

Zuber85: Hi. My poker past is not as rich as you say, but it is for sure a long one. I have been playing poker for 10 years already. I started with 6-max cash games and for the long time it has been my main game. To be honest, I am a recreational MTT player ;) I like to play them from time to time, both online and live.

cash games Zuber85
Och, good old times...


Smart Spin: I guess your biggest success was a final table of the Sunday Million, right?

Zuber85: If you think about the biggest prize in online tournaments, then yes - final table of the Sunday Million was my biggest success. But I’ve also scored WCOOP-like tournaments at partypoker, unfortunately the winnings there were much smaller.


Smart Spin: I have also heard a lot of stuff about how great live player you are. Most of our readers probably don’t know it, but you are the first Polish winner of the international tournament - EMOP Malta. When looking back at it, how do you feel about your trips to live tournaments?

Zuber85: I think the term “great live player” is not about me (laugh). I take it with a grain of salt. Playing live was just a huge pleasure for me. It was also a little getaway from day-to-day grind. It is true I won EMOP - it was an incredible feeling. MTT scene was making her first steps and I feel really good for taking part in it. Live tournaments are the perfect opportunity to meet your poker friends. What’s more, if you are playing in a cool place (like PokerStars Caribbean Adventure), it is also a nice holiday. Funny thing about PCA - I qualified there from $100 satellite. I did not make a splash in main tournament, but it was a relaxing week with my wife and a really pleasant experience.

EMOP Malta win
Winning EMOP Malta was a huge success for Polish MTT scene


Smart Spin: A lot of fun, huge winnings, meeting your friends on the road, interesting places to visit - it seems like you were quite good at MTT. Why did you turn your interest at Spin & Go’s instead?

Zuber85: Live MTT’s were just a getaway from everyday grind and doing it once in a while is great, but I would not call it my thing. I got interested in Spin & Go’s when cash games became less available in the morning and afternoon hours, as I get the best results at these hours. Furthermore, I have a family and playing all night is not convenient for me. Besides, Spin & Go’s have a really nice format and you can become a millionaire! (laugh)


Smart Spin: So, moving on to the topic I mentioned at the beginning - you are one of the three players who got all the way from $7 to $100 Spin & Go’s with Smart Spin. Looking back, what was the most difficult thing about that?

Zuber85: Actually, when I joined Smart Spin, I was determined to get better. Playing cash games and playing Spin & Go’s are two different things. I had to learn everything over again. However, with the education received from so many great players, I was calm about my growth as a poker player. Moving up from $7 to $100 Spin & Go’s took me six months (frankly, I thought it would go faster ;) ). The most difficult things is definitely grinding over variance, which in Spin & Go’s plays a significant role. You need to play a lot to know how much you are really worth.

So handsome!


Smart Spin: How did you deal with the variance? From your words, I understand you just played more.

Zuber85: Exactly, getting better and making volume is the only recipe to lower the variance. Actually, I still don’t know how many Spin & Go’s you need to play to get a reliable sample.


Smart Spin: You made the decision to join Smart Spin really early. Didn’t you want to check yourself, how far you can go without any help? Why did you join Smart Spin right away, at $7 Spin & Go’s?

Zuber85: I had tried playing Spin & Go’s before joining Smart Spin, but without any experience in heads-up play, it was difficult for me to understand the game. I decided not to wait and wanted to learn from the best. Right now, I think it would be really difficult for me to win at $60 Spin & Go’s without Smart Spin’s help.


Smart Spin: So, we are still not so far into 2016. What did you learn from 2015? I think last year we have seen one of the biggest changes in the modern online poker.

Zuber85: I am a bit sceptical about changes in the online poker. Let’s be honest, rakeback is a big part of my profit. But we should look into the future and just take what we can. In fact, 2015 was the worst year in my poker career and I am glad it is already over. It is 2016 now and I need to work even harder, because times when money was just lying on the ground are over (but some rivals at Spin & Go’s still prove it wrong ;) ).

More good life...


Smart Spin: And how was the beginning of the 2016?

Zuber85: It was really positive, really juicy games made me just keep playing. A lot of worse Spin & Go regulars decided to quit and aquarium is still full. I hope it is a good forecast for this year and profitability of Spin & Go’s will go up month by month.


Smart Spin: So what are your goals for the incoming months, is it only full grind mode?

Zuber85: Of course I have some goals for 2016 and they are about both earned EV$ and number of games. I think they are realistic, but highly demanding. I hope I will reach them.


Smart Spin: Could you share with our users what goals you, as a grinder of the highest Spin & Go’s stakes, created for himself?

Zuber85: Let’s keep them a secret. I can only tell I’d like to play 30,000 games.


Smart Spin: I wish you good luck in reaching that goal and thank you for your answers!


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Very good interview!

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