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Spin & Go
Our CEO, head coach, and strategy creator with over $500,000 of EV+RB lifetime. The best 500s player in 2018 and a well-known poker prodigy! He helps our players to improve not only their poker skills but also to grow as "complete poker players” because poker isn't only about clicking one of the three buttons. CuAt69UsdSng boasts one of the biggest AVG BI in Smart Spin with a stunning $6.89 earned per game (lifetime)

Spins Played: 75K+

Highest Buy-In: $1000

Lifetime EV post RB $1M+

Lifetime EV+RB ROI: 3,3% 500s

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What is a CFP - Coaching For Profit?
In CFP, the student receives learning materials and the help of experienced players. In exchange for improving his skills, he shares his profit from the game.
Is the experience in Spin&Go Games required?
Yes, we do require some basic experience. The best way is to contact us via the recruitment form. Our recruitment team will analyze your application and will send you feedback.
How does the recruitment process look like?
There are three main phases - two online forms and a Skype conversation. Don`t worry - we will only type on Skype. The intention of having a Skype chat is to know you better, present you with our offer and answer all your questionsIf you decide to join us, we will sign the contract.
What is a profit split?
As a part of our deal, you will share your profit with us. Profit split is a procedure, where you will withdraw your part of the profit and send us our part of your profit. The team of our supporters will assist you during every profit split.
What is the make-up?
Make-up is a situation where the player’s results at the time of the last profit split are negative. Make-up represents the dollar amount that must be earned before a player that is being staked can start to split profits again, based on the terms of the agreement.
What is $EV, and why is it so important?
You can learn more about $EV and why does it matter form one of our articles: Why EV
What is EV Deal?
EV deal is an offer for our members to make financial settlements based on $EV, instead of real winnings. Here you can read more EV Deal
Will you help me with HUD configuration?
Of course, we will. We have all the necessary tutorials, and our great IT support will help you with any problem.
How will my results and progress be tracked?
We will provide you special spreadsheet in which we will be tracking your results, progress, and all financial settlements.
Will I become a part of any bigger community?
Yes, you will get access to our internal channels on Discord, where you will be able to speak with all of our members.

Become a Smart Pool member

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