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We offer our services in the form of coaching for profit. You don’t need to pay anything for the resources. If you win we share a profit. With 1000 monthly active members and 5 years of experience we will lower the risk, maximize the profit by setting you on the appropriate stakes, and promote you higher as soon as you are ready!


Have you ever wondered what to do with a king ten on the button? With our preflop charts, you will know what to do with every hand, at every stack size, in every position.
Remember to comply with the Poker Stars rules and don’t use them during the game on their platform!


You follow all the preflop rules but sometimes you get stuck on the turn and don’t know if you should bet or fold? After watching our strategic video series you will understand the concept of postflop game and will be able to adjust to your opponents.
Our videos are available in English, Spanish, Portugees, Italian and Romanian.


Playing poker may sometimes be frustrating, and if you want to do it for a living, you need to be ready for some challenges away from the tables. Thankfully, our mindset coach will help you overcome them with exclusive mindset courses, unique videos and 1-on-1 meetings where you can learn more about psychology and yourself.
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Over 1000 users on our discord with regional groups. We have players all over the world, that’s why you can always find someone from your own country to discuss poker.
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