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Learning Paths

Have all the learning materials in one place.

HUDs and Reports

Know everything about your opponents.


Never miss coaching.


Warm-up before the game.


Master your preflop game.

Leak Finder

Get instant feedback and fix your mistakes.

IT Support

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Learning Paths

With Learning Paths you will never have to worry about what videos and in which order you should watch to climb the stakes. We have summarized the most fundamental learning content for players at each stake as a guide to more effective learning.

The whole content is organized in lessons containing videos and articles. You can mark your favorite videos to watch them later. If you have any questions regarding the video you can leave them in comment section which is constantly monitored by our coaches.

Learning Paths is just a part of our video library. We can say that this is cream de la cream, the essence of the Smart Spin, and the most important production.

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